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Laidback American spirit meets classic French flair for the ultimate easy-to-wear styles

Once upon a time, there was a French expat who had moved to the United States.

As a dedicated and passionate mom, I found myself navigating the delicate balance between raising a family and pursuing my dreams. While cherishing my new home, I couldn't help but miss the elegant, effortless style of France that had always been a part of me.

Determined to bring a touch of my French roots to my American lifestyle, I embarked on a creative journey while embracing the role of a stay at-home mom. Working tirelessly between diaper changes and school runs, I set out to create a collection that would not only reflect my unique blend of cultures but also resonate with the love and bonds we share within families.

Months of research and design followed, during which I carefully selected fabrics and colors that mirrored the laidback, free spirit of America, while still embodying the “french touch”. It was a challenging endeavor, but my passion for fashion and the desire to share my distinctive style with fellow moms, family and friends fueled my determination.

The resulting collection was a stunning fusion of French and American styles, featuring flowing dresses, pretty tops, and accessories that seamlessly blended elegance with functionality. As a mom, I understood the importance of practicality without compromising style, and my creations reflected that ethos.

Overjoyed with the results, I couldn't wait to share my journey and creations with others, recognizing that the bonds we share with our loved ones are universal. Launched
with love, my products aimed to bridge the gap between cultures, proving that, as moms and individuals, our diverse backgrounds only enhance the beauty we bring into the world.

In the end, my collections
echoed the sentiment that, no matter where you come from, beauty knows no borders. It is a celebration of the connections we forge within our families and communities, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and styles that resonate with the hearts of moms, dads, children, family, and friends alike.

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